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We are known for our technically advanced, sophisticated, virus and disease free plants. We leverage on our extensive knowledge and scientific expertise accumulated over the years, to deliver qualitatively superior products and services.


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S & S BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED was founded by Mrs D DHANALAKSHMI & MR LAKSHMI TAPASH who has his background in Life Sciences with a Masters in Business Management. He is a great Visionary, and an expert at setting high standards where as Mrs Dhanalakshmi oversees every operation of the laboratory and Nursery, to provide highest quality, economical and innovative solutions to the field of Agriculture and to Mankind as a whole.  The company is extensively known for its vigorous testing & disease-free crops. We blend advanced technology and true innovation to mass produce the finest tissue-cultured, custom-propagated plants, fruit crops and medicinal plants to the world. We grow up to 6Million plants per year in our State-of-the-art, environmentally controlled laboratories and modern nurseries.

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Our State-of-the-art technically advanced, sophisticated, environmental conscious laboratory is equipped to produce upto 6Million Tissue Culture plants per year and is fully compliant with the Department of Bio Technology New Delhi guide lines. We are experts in the field of mass propagation and use our expertise to deliver qualitatively superior products and services. Our Laboratory is divided into Sterile and Non Sterile Zones. Growth Rooms, Media Storage and Plant Inoculation rooms form the Sterile Area, where as the Auto Clave, Media Preparation rooms form the Non Sterile areas.

We produce the highest quality control Tissue Culture plants in our facility. All our plants are sampled for Virus Indexing and are Fungal and Bacteria free. These measures ensure that the plant material supplied by us form part of successful propagation and result in good return of Investments for the farmer communities.

The Primary and Secondary Hardening Nurseries maintained by us, adhere to the highest standards as recommended by Department of Bio Technology New Delhi. Proper care is taken so the plants grow healthy and Virus free. The Fertigation schedule followed in our Nurseries are unique and prepared after extensive research conducted by our team of Scientists and Researchers.

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